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Never lose overview of your work terms. Manage all your work jargon in our glossary hub, made for collaboration and sharing. Give you and your colleagues the superpower they need!

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The Dashboard

In the dashboard you can get an overview of all your glossaries to see what is needed and what is there already. Take actions on adding terms that might be wanted by yourself or by your colleagues.


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Adding Glossaries

Whether you want your glossaries be shared with your colleagues or just want to have a personal Glossary about a topic you like. All of these options are covered in our Hub.


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Create Terms

Creating the content for the glossary to be used can be a time-intensive process. With our specialized term creator tool you will be able to create terms in no time and be able to use the terms in your Chrome extension in no time.



The glossary hub of tooltipr provides a simple user interface for you and your colleagues to collaborate on different work terms.

Create Glossaries

Create glossaries with only 2 clicks. Add some general data for who the glossary is for and start adding acronyms.

Add acronyms

With our clever acronym creator you will see a preview of what the tooltip will look like for the acronym.

Invite your colleagues

Sharing is caring! Share your glossaries with your team and colleagues and be able to experience a tooltip that will speed your whole team up!

Distribute Glossaries

Making sure everyone can add, edit and improve the description for acronyms is important. tooltipr has your back!

Deliver acronyms to the Browser Extension

Glossaries will be automatically synchronized to every user that has the browser extension installed. Improve the web experience for everyone in seconds!

And many more...

We will extend the glossary hub to fulfill all needs.

glossary hub

Managing Organization Terms

After adding your terms you can edit and delete them. Always have a good overview where terms are located and to which glossary they belong to.


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Managing Private Acronyms

Ever struggled with some words that are known for others? Add them to your personal glossary and manage the acronyms that only YOU should have access to.


glossary hub

The User Management

Want to share your glossaries with other people? Invite users from your team or company to share acronyms and the tooltips in the browser with them. A simple invite URL is enough to let people sign up with your organization.



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